Sketchbook stories: The Dolly Mail

Since January 2016 I have been illustrating the guest feature ‘The Dolly Mail’ – a weekly newsletter by writer Dolly Alderton. These are a few of my favourites:


“The many Wednesday’s that, lackadaisical, seemingly linear, knock out lines of time, like a stack of slowly falling dominoes… If you’re one of these people, someone who loves a person who suffers from depression, because that is an agony all of its own, I want you to know that you can be the lighthouse. You’re probably already the lighthouse.”

A goodbye to Ronnie Corbett

“Being a bit foreign” – and English at the same time

“What growing up looks like: colour coded bookshelves, weekly trips to galleries, owning a heavy-duty winter coat”

On keeping going and self-motivation

The language of love

A long farewell: on a father’s diagnosis with Alzheimer’s

Mummy Dearest: On Mother’s Day


“How a spritz of perfume has become her own secret method of time travel; both into the past and future”

Tales from inside Tatler

Cross-fit: one woman’s weightlifting

“Confessions of a recovering singleton”