Stationery snoop: new beginnings

My blog has to start somewhere, so… here goes. Finally it feels as though we are heading towards spring. I have had the date that the clocks changed marked in my diary since the beginning of the year and, suddenly, it’s only a few flicks of a page away and Easter is around the corner.

I’m making the most of my spring spirit to work on developing this website and to draw as much as I can – as well as working on ideas for wedding invitations for this year and beyond. With this in mind, it seemed a good time to create a simple Easter card to send to the printers as a test run and to help spread the word about my new venture. My ‘Easter Eggs’ card is pretty simple: a pencil drawing of a box of eggs – no shiny wrappers, no fancy chocolates, just eggs!

Easter Egg Card_edit

This is my finished design; just a pencil drawing from my sketchbook, scanned and with the image restored with some digital adjustments.

These are all ready to go to the printers tomorrow as my first greetings cards. They are available to order from me by email – a set of 6 cards is £6.50.

I have got lots of exciting projects in the pipeline and am looking forward to keeping this updated as often as I can.

Happy (almost) Easter!