A snapshot of editorial and commissioned work for projects, brands and companies…

Clients include: The Dolly Mail, The Pool UK, Skandium, Foffa Bikes, Bloom & Wild, Bathe & Slumber, Jellycat, The George at Vernham Dean



Logo and weekly illustration for The Dolly Mail by Dolly Alderton. See more of the drawings on the blog – and sign up here!

“Polly’s work has been a crucial part of developing the character and tone of my newsletter The Dolly Mail. Her beautiful, vivid, concise illustrations have adorned every edition and for each new guest writer slot she does a new accompanying illustration. Her creativity never fails to astound me; you give her 800 words or an idea or even just a headline and she finds a way to capture it with a drawing that’s unexpected, fresh, imaginative, both metaphorical and literal with humour thrown in too. Her work has a very distinct, unique feel and I’m proud to affiliate my writing with it; she has the fine skills of an illustrator, with the heart of a cartoonist who can cut to the essence of a story. I feel very lucky to work with her.” Dolly AldertonĀ 


Illustrations for ‘School Gates’ – a bi-weekly parenting column by Liz Dashwood for The Pool – March 2016 – March 2017. See me online here


Logo and web drawings for The George at Vernham Dean – see my drawings in action here


Logo and headings for ‘The Hop’, a newsletter by Lisa Cowan